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There’s no substitute for a good private instructor.

  • You get the personal attention that only a live, hands-on instructor can provide. No computer program can watch you play and correct the curve in your fingers or adjust the angle of your wrist for maximum performance.
  • You get answers to your questions and instruction tailored to your specific needs. You can choose the direction you want to take. You are not limited by the ‘one size fits all’ format of books, videos, group lessons, and music school curricula. You get exactly the information you need, when you need it.
  • You learn to practice effectivelyA good teacher will correct your mistakes right away, so you practice the right things the right way and improve much faster.
  • You stay motivated. Staying motivated is indispensable, and nothing is more motivating than the one-on-one relationship between you and a teacher who cares about your progress and is committed to seeing you reach your potential.
  • You get resultsResults are the bottom line, and the surest path to having fun when you play.

There’s no substitute for regular hands-on interaction with a good private instructor. Nothing else comes close!

In Short:

You could  try to make it on your own … but private lessons will get you there MUCH FASTER !!!

Bill Dickson with his guitars and other music items.

Bill makes it easy and fun!

With Bill Dickson, you’ll have fun:

  • Laying down solid rhythms in any style.
  • Mastering the art of groove.
  • Breaking down and understanding the signature traits of your favorite players and songs.
  • Playing your favorite songs from intro to outro
  • Jamming and soloing with melodic fluency.
  • Crafting creative guitar parts that fit when working on any song.
  • Writing songs you can be proud of!
  • Auditioning, recording, and playing live with genuine confidence.
  • Achieving your personal musical goals.

In Short:

You’ll develop the skills to play your guitar competently and feel secure in the musical world with the progress you have made.

You’ll experience the joy that comes from making good music and sharing your passion, knowledge, and skill with other people – at home, in the studio, or on stage.


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