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Lessons with Bill

I started teaching guitar in 1980. I truly enjoy it and rightly feel that I have become quite good at it. Since then, in addition to guitar, I have also taught classes and lessons in music theory, songwriting/composition, and a class on the History of the Blues.

Having previously taught in cities like San Francisco, Portland and New York City, I am very excited to now be giving guitar lessons in Eugene, Oregon.

Teaching Philosophy

For me, teaching the guitar is not about just showing you how to play a particular song. It’s much more about giving you tools and showing you how to use them, so that you might construct your own world of guitars and music from materials that you find interesting.

These are a few basics I keep in mind while teaching almost any kind of music.

  1. Link a theoretical concept with a piece of music the student is familiar with.
  2. Be prepared to explain an idea in many different ways. Students absorb and retain knowledge in very different manners.
  3. Have the student explain back to me what she has just learned. I came to “written down”, or Classical music, from a Rock & Roll/Popular music background, so I am very familiar with the feeling of being lost with new terminology and concepts. I remember this when I teach.

Guitar Lessons for Players of All Abilities

I give guitar lessons to players across all varying levels of skill and talent, but I take great pride in my ability to quickly get complete beginners playing and enjoying the guitar. I was once a beginner myself, and I can still remember the level of apprehension I had when starting lessons. I work hard to put beginners at ease, so they can start the wonderful adventure that is learning the guitar.

I may recommend taking lessons with other students of mine who seem to share similar interests. Learning to play with others is an important part of a guitar player’s education. A few years ago, one band was created this way.

Support Your Local Musician

Ask Me About Guitar Lessons – 650.208.3049 – Your First Lesson Is Free!

And, in the final analysis it the musician’s responsibility is pass on the knowledge to the next generation.

Embrace the responsibility to teach.