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Tips For Beginners: Getting In The Right Mindset

Tips for Beginners: Getting in the Right Mindset

Learning guitar, as with learning anything new, can be very intimidating, and it is a benefit to beginners to have the right frame of mind heading into it. Enthusiasm can be a great tool for beginners to stay motivated, but it can also lead to having unrealistically high expectations which lead to frustrations. Here are the things I stress with my new students to help make sure they are approaching guitar lessons with the right mindset.

Patience, Patience, Patience

Nobody (not Jimi Hendrix, not Jimmy Page, not Eric Clapton) has ever learned how to play guitar overnight. Learning the guitar is a long and sometimes arduous process. There are going to be ups and downs. Don’t let the low points keep you from reaching the summits.

Set both short and long-term goals

Most people who take up the guitar have a desire to become a great player but can become discouraged once they understand just how much they will need to learn to do that. Setting achievable short-term goals in addition to long-term ones is a great way to make learning the guitar seem more manageable.

Have Fun!

That’s ultimately why we are doing this, right? Don’t lose sight that the main reason most people choose to learn guitar is because they think it will bring them joy. We’re here to have fun. Don’t forget that.


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