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Fun with Guitar Pedals Part 2

‘Ello! Yes, I am back for more pedal talk (with pedals!). Bill, the oh-so tired artiste, is “on holiday” of course (from what, I don’t know. He certainly doesn’t do much here save for show up once a fortnight to…

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Local Guitar Teacher, Bill Dickson, Practicing His Guitar

My Advice for Practicing Guitar

When giving guitar lessons, I try to teach my students how to develop good habits for practicing on their own. For beginners, it’s not obvious which habits are good and which are not. Here is the advice I most commonly…

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Learning to Sing while Playing the Guitar

Many beginners taking guitar lessons cannot wait for the opportunity to start playing and singing their favorite songs. However, learning to sing while simultaneously playing the guitar is harder than some expect. Here are some tips to help you out…

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