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Exterior Decoration Number

Eclectic does not even begin to cover this one, my first release on Scrummy Records. The title is copped from an English gardening magazine cover about house exteriors that my Mother had lying around the London flat. I had to use it.

The CD ranges from tape and analog synthesizer compositions like “Djema El Fna” based on recordings I made in Marrakesh; and “Robert Johnson” based on his original recording of “Sweet Home Chicago”; to odd Rock & Roll like “Girlfriend” “Your Old Friends” and “I Don’t Know”; to contemporary piano works like “Memories Of The Dreamtime”. And, don’t miss my astonishing choral arrangement of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”.

Yes, it’s a weird record. But, it’s my first so I love it best.

And for pure romance it was all recorded at night and on weekends on “borrowed” equipment (See: The Sex Pistols). And, with no adult supervision. Hence it’s charm.


I Don’t Know

La Plage

Robert Johnson

Washing The Car At Dawn Blues


Learn How To Play

Djema Elfna

May 1

Your Old Friends


Nothing at All

Fern Hill