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Tap Dancing Down Jackass Alley

This was going to called “Pink Tuna Taxi” as an homage to a cab service in Montauk, NY, but cooler heads prevailed. This is much sillier! (The title is a quote from the tv show “The King Of Queens”)

After the nominal success of “Not Blue” I decided to mine that vein again but this time add some glimmer. So I wrote another boatload of music, gathered some guys and gals to play on some tracks, (spent even more money!) then overdubbed bass, electric guitar, percussion, penny whistle, harmonica, more guitars, and so forth, and — everyone liked “Not Blue” better! Go figure. You can’t win!

My cover of Jorma Kaukonen’s “Embryonic Journey” has turned out to be the big hit off this one along with Andy’s solo on the title track — yes, the only one I did not play. Go figure…

Recordings for this CD began in Queens, NY (near The Ramones old stomping ground) shortly after the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. The first track “Blessed Are Those Who Mourn” is about New York City at the time. I don’t really remember writing it.


Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

Tap Dancing Down Jackass Alley

My Country Home

Bangers and Mash

Not Blue

Squirrel In A Storm

My Right Hand


Embryonic Journey

Soon Only Not Yet

The Portal

Chromatic Bridge